Web Crawler



Web Crawler is a PHP Script that’s stop unusual traffic and useless traffic to reach to your website. Its will help to stop and prevent Phishing Attacks, Its work like Under Attack mode. Every Website owner uses this via 3rd Party, we are providing you one stop solution, so you don’t need to use 3rd party use your own system to prevent bots and Phishing Attacks.


–  Prevent Bot Access.

– Prevent Unusual Attacks.

– Prevent Fake/Bad Traffic.

– Real Users are able to access content/website.

– Safe from Phishing Attacks.

– No any 3rd Party.

– Host under your server.

– Runs on PHP Version 5.6 + to 8.0+

Server Requirements

·         Apache2 Web Server

·         Apache2 mod_rewrite ON

·         PHP 5.6 + to PHP 8.0+

Make a demo Test : https://webcrawl.deluxescript.com/

Detailed Documentation was included in the package.


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